Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny that people everywhere love to watch people take center stage in an effort to show off their unique talents in front of a few judges.

It is a trend that sometimes impresses us because of the outstanding talent that some people possess while at other times, it simply impresses us that those people actually think they have talent. Each week, and thanks to the internet, most days, people everywhere obsess over who may be the next competition show winner. Here is why we love music and talent competition shows to the point that we do.

In the Beginning

Reality television shows are not a new idea. The first was quite possibly a Dutch series called Nummer 28, which took complete strangers and watched how they would interact with each other.

Others say that the first reality television show broadcast in 1992 on MTV by the name of, “The Real World”, which was inspired by a 1973 documentary that was on PBS. Either way, it soon led to shows such as Survivor where people had to survive in the woods and dating shows, as well as a variety of other “reality TV” series.

Also in the beginning, people would usually compete for prizes instead of cash and fame. Prizes like big screen tvs and gallardos were the norm for many winners.

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In more recent times, things have taken a larger twist and turned the reality TV idea into actual competitions, where people from all walks of life come together to compete for being the best at what they do. There have been television shows where people battle it out to lose the most weight, Dance with the Stars they love, and do a variety of other things. The most popular competition shows include, X Factor, American Idol, and The Voice.

It is a worldwide phenomenon, everyone wants to see who the next big star may be and what talent they may have. Perhaps we loved “reality TV” at first because of the conflicts. Now we love it for the sarcastic judges, the strange talents, and even the untalented.


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