Some of the most watched, most popular talent/music competitions includes shows from all over the world. They are titles such as:

X Factor, which first aired on September 21, 2011 on FOX. It was created by Simon Cowell. It was on the air for three seasons within the United States, but there were other versions of it scattered around the world. X Factor’s premise was to see who had the “quality” required to make it as a big star. The price was a recording contract and publicity.

The Voice. The Voice is currently in its 8th season. It airs on NBC and it is based on the show, “The Voice of Holland”. For this competition winners are determined by viewers who rate them via SMS, internet votes, and iTune store purchases. If the winner wins, they get $100,000 USD and a record deal.

American Idol. This show was one of the main competition show that started it all. It aired on FOX and was created by Simon Fuller.

To date, there have been 15 seasons of the show and the judge panel has consisted of a wide range of talented people, including Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, and Simon Cowell. Winners will receive a major label record deal for up to six albums and some very impressive contracts.

America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent are both also very popular shows. They were created by Simon Cowell and they are both in their 10 season. With Britain’s Got Talent, the winner is given the chance to perform in front of the British Royal Family and a large cash prize.


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